Whole Sheep is the venture of two neighbours living near Winchcombe in the Cotswolds. One of us has been keeping 'commercial' sheep breeds for years; the other recently gave up an academic position to learn about sheep, and to see if smallholder sheep production can be a viable endeavour, economically, environmentally and ethically.

Our name, 'Whole Sheep' was chosen to capture our desire to be sensitive to all the different dimensions of farming with sheep: taking into account their health and wellbeing, their relation to other farming/environmental/wellbeing activities, and their environmental 'hoof-print'. It also incorporates our aim to make use of all their productive possibilities and minimise waste wherever possible.

This website exists to market our produce and to share ideas and stories about sheep-keeping and related activities. It is all new and we are right at the beginning. Please share your comments and ideas with us at wholesheep@gmail.com

Gotland sheep are the basis of this venture. They are intelligent, friendly animals, each with their own personality and foibles. They are prized for their wool, which is soft and silky, and excellent for felting as well as knitting and other projects. Their meat is fine-grained, lean and tasty, and their sheepskins are distinctively elegant with fine silvery-grey curls.  

Further information on Gotland sheep can be found via the British Gotland sheep society