Lockdown has been tough but it has provided the opportunity for me to extend my gardening work to others' gardens. My ideal garden is beautiful and productive. The proceeds of these activities are getting ploughed back into Whole Sheep. 

We have recently obtained the rent of a new field and are spending time clearing brambles and fencing so we can graze the sheep there. With the help from the Glorious Cotswolds Grassland Team we have been sowing wildflowers to create a wildflower rich grassland. Such biodiverse grasslands used to be common across the UK, but are now only 1.5% of what they were!  (https://www.cotswoldsaonb.org.uk/looking-after/our-grasslands-projects/glorious-cotswolds-grasslands/)

Wildflower-rich grasslands benefit other species like birds, bats and bees, and some of the flower species like chicory also have properties that are good for sheep health. The sheep will play their role in maintaining the biodiverse sward, as they will graze the meadow down at the right time, encouraging the wildflowers to establish and proliferate. 

For more information on gardening and wildflower meadows, contact wholesheep@gmail.com