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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Eating winter hay - delicious

In his wonderful book, On Sheep, Axel Lindén comments that 'sheep are flock first and foremost and not individuals'. Rams, occasionally act as individuals, but 'you could see the flock as a single being and its members as different aspects of the same organism'. Attractive though this idea is, it has not been our experience. The female members of our 'team' also have personal quirks and idiosyncrasies: Stevie (66) - named after Stevie Nicks - is our 'number one sheep'. The oldest perhaps, but also the first to inquire what's happening; the first to discover a bucket of feed or to trot over simply to find out what you're up to. She doesn't hang around for a scratch behind the ear, however, and has no time for that sort of thing. Sylvie (67), Stevie's twin sister, is reserved, but not to be underestimated. At 70, there is Esme, a beautiful, venerable, gentle girl, who eats too much for her own good, and is always ready for a cuddle. She will stand, half closing her eyes, while you scratch behind her ears and pick bits of twig from her fleece. Estella (73), was flighty when young, but has become gentle and friendly and is a wonderful mother, with two lambs that are as friendly as puppies. On a hot day, the three of them can often be found calmly sitting together in the shade, resting their heads on each other. And Astrid (78) is our braveheart, not afraid of anything; she'd trample on you to get where she wants to be and is quick to know what's what. The three younger ones - Milly (92), Mabel (93) and Mandy (97) - have slowly started to gain in confidence with us, and even Mandy now, with her square forehead, will come and see what's going on. Together, they are more an alliance for sociability, warmth, and sharing information (who's coming - friend or foe?), than a single organism or group thinkers. When we had a couple of escapees over the summer, they were both single adventuresses; the rest did not follow. So it isn't just the boys: these girls too, can act as individuals.

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