Knit kit: Shepherd's Fine Rib Beanie

Knit kit: Shepherd's Fine Rib Beanie

SKU: D 2021 B

This knit kit takes two strands of wool from the Gotland DK3 wool and knits them together to make a beautiful, warm and quite waterproof hat. The rib is fine and stretchy and fits most heads. Everything that you need is included in the kit - the two balls of wool, 1 x knitpro 4mm circular needle and 1 x knitpro 5 4mm double pointed needles. (These needles are passed on at cost, and are not the cheapest but are nice to work with!). There are also 6 stitch markers and a darning needle for finishing off. 

Clear instructions are included, and although this pattern makes a beautiful, professional-looking hat, it does not demand a huge range of skills and is relatively easy. 

These kits are great presents - or are a good way to get back into knitting. As one recent purchaser commented: "Thank you for the beanie kit... It's been a pleasure to work with the wool - its 'feel', the twist and the tension. And the pattern worked well so ...[x]... is very pleased with his new hat which does look good on him. So much so, that two more beanies have been requested!"

What more is there to say? A great project for the dark winter months!