Why 'Whole Sheep'? 

All of us are facing new challenges: chief among them is the environmental crisis which makes us question the choices we make about how we live. In the media, there are calls to abandon livestock-keeping and meat-eating altogether. Whole Sheep was born out of a desire to raise sheep in as good a way as possible and in a way that is far from the intensive livestock farming that dominates in so much of the world.

Whole sheep stands for three things: 

1) raising the sheep in as environmentally-friendly way as we can. We keep the sheep on permanent pasture and encourage on-field trees and other vegetation that help with biodiversity as well as livestock health. 

2) Instead of fattening lambs quickly for meat, we let the sheep grow slowly and we seek ways to use sheep products that are often discarded or of low value, such as wool and sheepskins. 

3) Our sheep are friendly and are individuals. We try to give them as good and as happy lives as possible. 


In these ways, we work towards finding a way in which sheep can be an important part of our world, in which we live with them and they with us, without harm to wellbeing (human or animal) or of the planet.